Spring Cleaning

Tidying out the shed this weekend didn’t turn up as many bugs as I was expecting. The shed starts to be quite rotten, especially around the base, so there is a lot of entry points for all kinds of creature to crawl in through. In the event though, apart from a few spiders and hibernating mosquitoes, there wasn’t so much to keep me from my spring cleaning. The spiders were mostly Black Lace Weavers (Amaurobius ferox, #103); I’m not sure where the other big spiders present back in the Autumn were hiding themselves. The mosquitoes, which were plentiful, were Common House Mosquito / House Gnat (Culex pipiens, #332). Happily neither one of them bites people much.

Elsewhere I disturbed a couple of toads that were getting intimate in the log store and found these primroses (Primula vularis), which were new for the list (#422)

Spider's Breakfast

A busy morning for the local spiders.  The European Garden Spider (aka Cross Spider) in the tomato plants was having Marmalade Hoverfly for breakfast.  Meanwhile a Noble False Widow spider living in a gap in the wall was immobilising a Common Wasp that had got snared in its web.  The diversity of insects seems to be declining as summer progresses, but spiders and wasps are more and more apparent.  We even had a visit from a very impressive European Hornet yesterday - a first this summer - too much of a wimp to get a decent photo, I’m afraid.