The Garden is Buzzing

Insects abound, and the list of species found moves towards the 250 mark. 

I liked this tiny, brightly coloured bug: #238 Calocoris stysi.

The caterpillar is not a moth or a butterfly, but from a #217 Large Rose Sawfly.  It and a sibling were still very hungry though, making short work of several rose leaves in a couple of days.

Butterflies are plentiful; the star was a #238 Silver-washed Fritillary, but it was to fast to photograph.  This Comma (#211) on the lavender was more obliging. 

I never really looked too closely at the Daddy Long-legs, but this Tiger Cranefly (#205) is really nicely marked - one of a dozen or so UK species. 

Flies, and especially for some reason the Dull Four-spined Legionnaire (#235), are very partial to drowning themselves in the kids swimming pool.  This is one of several we've rescued.  Eventually the wings dry out and they can fly away.  

Finally a pair of #239 Poecilobothrus nobilitatus flies were getting romantic around the pond, the male jumping around to try to impress its potential mate.