Butterflies on Lavender

It's colder today and the lavender is coming to an end, but here's a few snaps of butterflies that have been in the garden over the last couple of weeks.  One or two of Common Blue, Gatekeeper and Meadow Brown butterflies have been through on a more or less daily basis during early August.  Though there have been plenty of Large and Small Whites, often they've not stopped for the flowers, and I've had Comma and Red Admiral visiting a few times.  Other species which I might have expected, like Small Tortoiseshell, which I remember as being so common when I was a kid, seem very scarce - only seen 2-3 times this year.  And so far I didn't see a single Peacock or Painted Lady in the garden despite it seemingly being a good year for butterflies.  It's thought the decline of some of these butterfly species might be due to a parasitic fly (Sturmia bella) that has spread from the Continent in recent years.  We sent in some counts to Butterfly Conservation's Big Butterfly Count - be interested to see the outcome from their UK survey when it comes out.