A Bigger Pond?

I don't have a proper pond in the garden, but I do have a couple of large basins with bullrushes, willowherb and duckweed.  These have had frogs and some insects, but generally have been a little disappointing.  I guess I was hoping for resident mayflies, damselflies and pond insects like water-boatment & pond-skaters - but so far these didn't turn up.

Checking the smaller pond-life today, I did add water fleas to the list and also Culex pipiens mosquitos (though the latter have been there all summer).  These two species, plus Bloodworms (larvae of Chironomidae midges), Rat-tailed Maggots (hoverfly/dronefly larvae) and Flatworms (Polycleis sp.) constitute the 5 species of smaller pond residents found so far.  So the basins have been helpful for some species, and also of course to visiting birds, frogs and toads, but a bigger, better water habitat would be nice wouldn't it? Maybe a project for the Autumn.